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Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by problems with discs, joints, muscles and ligaments. It is most often the result of acute trauma / injury, poor postural habits and the accumulation of physical stress on the spine but there are other causes of back pain such as inflammation, and rarer, more serious problems such as progressive diseases affecting bones and joints.  As there are several causes of back pain, we are trained to diagnose problems in the joints and soft tissues of the body and will carry out a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan for your particular problem. Treatment may involve deep tissue massage, dry needling, postural advice or exercises.

Dry Needling

With Dry Needling, the needles are used to target the trigger point of the problem muscle, this is known as the myofascial trigger point and is often described as a muscle ‘knot’ which contributes to muscle pain and dysfunction.  The needle is gently inserted into the skin directly at this point and often a local twitch response is experienced, this is a good sign and is what the Physical Therapist is looking for. It means the trigger point has been stimulated, jump starting the muscle and nerve supply and increasing the blood flow to the area which helps to relax the muscle.  When this local twitch response occurs, a brief painful response might be felt but it won’t last for more than a second.  After dry needling treatment, the area that was treated will feel much softer and relaxed and the person will feel looser.

Sports Injury

Sports Physical Therapy targets the areas of the body that are most affected by sporting performance. The body feels the repercussions from Sports at any level – you don’t have to be an international athlete to need Sports Physio.

Massage Therapy

We understand the body better than most other therapists, giving us an advantage when it comes to treating your aches and pains. We are trained in a variety of different massage therapies and techniques but in short, our massage therapy involves applying deep pressure on concentrated areas of tension and pain. Generally with muscle tension or an injury, there will be adhesions (areas of painful rigid tissue) in the muscle, ligament or tendon that cause pain and inflammation.  We have the necessary training and knowledge to get deeper into the muscle layers to break down these adhesions and restore normal muscle function as well as relieving pain. Saying that, we make sure the pressure applied is not overly uncomfortable as your comfort is important to us.

Maniplulation & Mobilisation

Manipulation & Mobilisation are used by Physical Therapists to improve the mobility and the function of your soft tissues,  joints,  muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Manipulation is usually performed as a very fast movement on the neck and back area to provide pain relief and increase flexibility. Whereas mobilisation is a slower technique performed on joints ligaments or muscle, also used for pain reduction and flexibility improvement. Mobilisation can be gentle or deep  depending on what is more appropriate for your condition.  We are experts on the body’s musculoskeletal system and will use Manipulation and Mobilisation as part of their treatment dependent on your condition.

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